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      1. 学术报告


        来源:宁波光电国家研究中心    作者:    发布时间:2020年02月26日


        报告人:Dr. Xu Xiao,Drexel University

        报告题目:Two-dimensional metal nitrides and their electrochemical properties and beyond

        报告时间: 2020年02月26日上午10:00-11:30


        Abstract: Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal nitrides are recently a very highly sought family of materials that is expected to exhibit plasmonic and other promising properties. However, 2D metal nitrides are limited to only a handful of synthesized materials so far (such as MoN, Ti4N3 and GaN), although we anticipate that this field of 2D materials is of growing significance right now in terms of their superior conductivity and stability compared to their respective 2D transition metal carbide analogues. The bottleneck in the synthesis of these materials is a lack of known synthesis routes. Many 2D transition metal carbides, such as Ti3C2Tx and other carbide MXenes, can be formed by selective etching and exfoliation of their ternary layered precursors (MAX phases). However, there are fewer bulk layered transition metal ternary nitrides known and so far only Ti4AlN3 has been successfully exfoliated to form 2D Ti4N3 (nitride MXene) by our group. Other synthesis procedures include recently developed salt-templating method, which has successfully produced 2D MoN, V2N and W2N. In this talk, I will report about our recent progress of the synthesis of 2D metal nitrides with three different routes. The growth mechanism and advantages of each routes will be discussed in detail. I will also discuss about the electrochemical and magnetic properties and some potential applications about these new 2D metal nitrides and give an outlook about the further research directions.

        报告人简介:肖旭,华中科技大学博士,美国德雷塞尔大学材料科学工程系博士后研究员(Research Associate)。2011年及2016年分别获华中科技大学学术学位和博士学位,2016年起在美国德雷塞尔大学从事博士后研究。2010年以来,以第一作者(共同第一)身份在Nature Commun.,Adv. Mater.,ACS Nano,Angew. Chem.等国际著名学术期刊发表论文15篇(11篇入选ESI-highly cited paper,2篇入选ESI-hot paper),被引用3539次。授权中国专利3项;裰泄缱友Щ嵊判悴┦柯畚奶崦。